MDH Defence overpressure vehicle CBRN Filtration systems provide collective protection for up to 17 crew and utilise the NATO No 1 Composite Filter qualified to AEP 54. Negating the need for individual protective equipment, the overpressure systems provide an extremely safe but comfortable working environment for vehicle occupants.

With flexibility being central to the MDH Defence range of equipment, the systems can be supplied in a number of configurations with a range of controls options. Fully interchangeable Training and HEPA Filter options are also available for use during peacetime.


The Direct CBRN Unit is the most

compact model within the range

offering the smallest available footprint

whilst still utilising the NATO No 1

Composite Filter. The unit

can be used in conjunction with the

independent Fresh Air Filtration Unit,

a remote automotive pre-cleaner, a

choice of controls options and any of

the three filter variants.



Both the Direct and Cyclonic CBRN units can be used to provide filtered air for a face mask system or a combination of overpressure and face mask. This flexibility allows for the range of scenarios and protocols that can be encountered in a threat situation.

Fask Mask CBRN

Cyclonic CBRN unit

With integrated Cyclonic Pre-Filtration,

the MDH Defence Cyclonic CBRN Unit 

is ideal for more challenging desert

environments and offers an exceptional level of particulate filtration, particularly for tracked vehicles.  The unit can be configured to provide full overpressure or a combination of overpressure and facemask protection.

Face mask only

The MDH Defence Face Mask CBRN Filtration Unit provides assisted breathing CBRN protection via face mask for vehicle crews of up to 4 personnel.  The unit can be used in multiples providing a flexible solution for larger vehicles. Compatible with most in-service face mask equipment, the unit utilises a composite CBRN filter qualified to AEP 54.