Shelter CBRN Filtration


​The MDH Defence Shelter CBRN Filtration system is configured to provide clean filtered air directly into a rigid shelter or via the platform air conditioning system as the fresh air make up, and offers a rugged but affordable and reliable low life-cycle cost solution. The system utilises the NATO No 1 Composite CBRN Filter but can also be fitted with the Training or HEPA only filter during peacetime operations. The system can also be used in conjunction with the independent Fresh Air Filtration Unit.


​The MDH Defence Shelter CBRN Filtration system can also be fitted with a mobility kit which converts the unit into a fully portable system suitable for use with tented applications, enabling it to be re-located as required and used in a variety of different environments.

A conversion kit also enables the unit to operate as either a positive or negative system which allows the use of the system for containment roles.

  • A shelter for a CBRN filtration unit

    Ridgid Shelter CBRN Filtration

  • A tented shelter CBRN filration unit.

    Tented Shelter CBRN Filtration