​MDH Defence CBRN units utilise the NATO No 1 Composite Filter. Designed by MDH Defence, the filter is compliant with the performance specifications detailed in the NATO Standard AEP 54.

For use during periods of conflict or raised threat, the CBRN Filter offers protection against known chemical and biological warfare agents as well as many toxic industrial chemicals. Offering protection for up to 17 occupants, the filter is in service with many different armed forces worldwide.

MDH Part No: PV13000 NSN 4240-99-959-3464


​MDH Defence CBRN units can also be fitted with a HEPA only filter, designed for use during peacetime operations but where dust and particulate filtration is still essential. As a lower cost consumable, it provides significant protection against particulate ingress but reduces life cycle cost.

​MDH Part No: PV13180 NSN 4130-99-670-6786


All MDH Defence CBRN units can be fitted with a training filter to be used for peacetime operations. With an infinite life and low initial outlay, it reduces life cycle costs to a minimum whilst allowing the CBRN Unit to be operated as required for training and maintenance purposes without consuming Live or HEPA filters.

  • Three different types of filters including a gray, blue and silver filter.